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Nikki Stone is a top-ranked speaking coach specializing in business communications and speaker training

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Why Hire a Speaking Coach

Whether you want to overcome your fear of speaking, improve your communication skills in order to sound like a professional, train your employees in order to win over clients and customers or present yourself eloquently in a television or radio interview, hiring a speaking coach or mentor will help you exceed your goals.

Nikki Stone’s Evolution as a Successful Speaking & Interview Coach

Because of her strong presentation and interview skills, Nikki Stone was hired by the United States Olympic Committee to train their elite athletes and coaches in public speaking and interview skills.  Highly impressed with her ability to take amateur speakers and interviewees to professional levels, a great number of career-minded individuals asked Nikki to share her unique skills and training expertise.   Nikki’s recommendations multiplied again and again and she went on to train national and international corporate groups, individual professionals, television personalities and graduating college students across the country.

We brought Nikki in to work with the Olympic athletes at our Post Olympic Summit.  Nikki’s session was ranked higher than any other and the flattering feedback was astounding. Athletes found the training to be extremely effective in improving public speaking, television interviews, job interviews and business presentations and interactions.  Her tips, tools and training proved to be exceedingly valuable for the executive staff as well.  Due to the success of her session, we contracted Nikki as a speech and interview trainer for the U.S. Olympic Committee. When you hear the U.S. Olympians and Olympic executives speaking eloquently in NBC Olympic coverage or at your corporation’s annual conference, it was likely Nikki’s guidance that got them there.

~ United States Olympic Committee

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