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Have you ever wished you had the personal access to ask whatever you wanted to an Olympic medalist? Access to an individual who was able to deliver an Earth-shaking performance under the extreme pressure of the ultimate high-intensity situation?  Have you wanted to ask them about how they’ve tackled personal challenges—similar to issues that have plagued you—on their journey to the top? What if you were not only able to gain the insight into one of these individuals, but MULTIPLE medalists?

Motivational Call Sessions

Join in a monthly call with various OLYMPIC MEDALISTS and gain the access to ask your own personalized queries.  America’s first Olympic aerial skiing champion Nikki Stone and the highest scoring American gymnast in Olympic history Peter Vidmar will host monthly Q&A phone experiences and invite two new, unique and exciting, sought-after Olympic medalists each month. With Nikki’s and Peter’s continued involvement with the United States Olympic Committee and the current athletes from both the Summer and Winter Olympics, guest hosts will come from a large range of varying sports.


  • How these individuals find the drive for what they do
  • How they conquer their greatest obstacles
  • How they took the appropriate risks to make sure their careers skyrocketed
  • How they overcame plateaus
  • How they got back up after multiple defeats
  • Why they were able to edge out the competition at the times it mattered the most
  • How they perform under high pressure situations
  • How they were able to persuade audiences to “buy in” on their performances

Where else would you have access to this many powerful individuals with their secret insights for their pursuit of personal triumph?  Some stories and answers may trigger some thought-provoking questions that you can ask new Olympians the next month.

These successful individuals will empower you to:

  • Set & achieve lofty goals
  • Overcome any adversities
  • Take on more powerful leadership roles
  • Find inner strength & confidence
  • Deal with uneasy pressures
  • Surpass the competition
  • Sustain consistency with your results
  • Better persuade clients on you and your products
  • Challenge you to reach levels you didn’t know were attainable

Buy your monthly sessions now and don’t miss the opportunity to gain inspiration and learn from the Olympians who have personally overcome incredible odds to reach unbelievable goals.


—3 month deal with 3 calls and access to 8 different Olympians

Silver Call Package
—6 month deal with 6 calls and access to 14 different Olympians

—12 month deal with 12 calls and access to 26 different Olympians