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Communication Skills - Presentations

Learn how to make effective, professional presentations with communications expert Nikki Stone

Presentation Skills

When delivering a presentation, you want to come across as the expert in your field.  Without the appropriate techniques, you can lose all your credibility.  Learn to make your presentation flow and create the delivery that will influence your audience to absorb your information.  You can have all the knowledge on a subject but without innovative presentation skills it’s extremely difficult to convey a strong persuasion.

Business Communication

Whether one on one or communicating with an entire office you want to be able to communicate in an effective manner.  How you present yourself can be one of the most influential factors in business advances and return business.  Make people believe in you through the interactions you develop.

A taste of the skills you will develop:

  • Learn quickly with hands-on exercises and practice
  • Deliver effective and influential content
  • Build trust with your audience
  • How to handle uncomfortable situations
  • Successfully present yourself and your ideas via any communication medium


Presentation Skills Training

Take your presentation skills from a simple at-bat to a homerun.  Deliver the confidence you need to win over everyone in the room.  There are some small but very effective alterations you can make to your presentation to move your audience and lead to a powerful impact with a lasting impression.  Take the time to learn a few key tools to help you with every presentation you’ll ever give.

A taste of the skills you will develop:

  • Improve voice control and eye contact
  • How to sound enthusiastic while remaining genuine
  • Boost your credibility with the language you use
  • Learn ways to incorporate business tools while you are presenting


Powerpoint Presentation Tips

A Powerpoint is a tool to help drive home the concepts of the presenter.  Discover ways to use the Powerpoint to enrich your presentation and not steal the show.  People in showbiz say not to work with dogs or children, but if you don’t know the best techniques to work with a Powerpoint it can create the same burden.  Learn how to use the presentation tool to highlight your concepts and not tell the story for you.

A taste of the skills you will develop:

  • Develop a dynamic presentation that will captivate audiences
  • Demonstrate concise ideas and phrasing
  • Using Powerpoints to enhance, not distract, from your performance
  • Learning to speak to your audience rather than a slide
  • Create smooth transitions between slides

“A friend at another company told me about the amazing results from just a one-day session you had with their group.  I can’t thank this friend—and YOU—enough!  [We] were all over the place before and I know that every single one of us learned tips we will continually use…. This is going to be a requirement for all new employees.  It’s essential for all of us to sound professional when presenting to clients in order to win them over.”
- Jeff D.

Our students LOVED you and your training session you did with them.  No matter what career they choose, all the tools you taught them are vital to their success.  Can’t wait to have you back again.”
- Professor Anderson, University of Utah

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