Public Speaking Skills

Communication Skills - Public Speaking

Nikki Stone is a renowned, top-ranked speaking coach training motivational speakers and professionals.

Public Speaking Skills

The goals of the program are to help each participant gain confidence and special skills when presenting information and ideas to clients, colleagues or audiences.  A coach or mentor can help you see areas of improvement you can’t get on your own.  And how you present yourself can turn a meeting, event or conference into rave reviews with the potential for more business.  Learning public speaking skills is a practice that can help individuals in nearly any business. 

Fear of Public Speaking

If you have a fear of public speaking, you are not alone.  Fear of public speaking is estimated to affect 75 percent of adults.  Rethinking the way we perceive stress may actually improve our physical and mental performance.  Learn how to reduce the impact of your fears or use them to your advantage to ensure that your negative thoughts don’t overwhelm your results.

A taste of the skills you will develop:

  • Feel more comfortable in front of large audiences
  • Prepare for moments when you lose track of your thoughts
  • Use pauses to relax and regroup
  • Slow your speaking so you don’t sound nervous
  • Think on your feet to overcome inevitable mistakes


Effective Communication Skills

Through public speaking, you are developing a relationship with your audience, no matter the size.  So it’s essential to understand the give and take you are presenting through your words, timing, movement and expressions.  Develop the effective communication skills that will increase your credibility and influence.

A taste of the skills you will develop:

  • Ways to practice without sounding rehearsed
  • Develop powerful speaking content
  • Improve your impromptu skills
  • Speak with more expression
  • Practice techniques for timing


Motivational Speaker Training

Everyone has the ability to stand up and tell a story.  To truly move an audience and make them remember you, you have to cultivate successful speaking techniques.   You are painting a picture that will transport your audience to a higher place.  With motivational speaker training you will develop the skills to empower your audience and leave them wanting more.

A taste of the skills you will develop:

  • Engage your audience and build trust throughout your presentation
  • Present your content with confidence and power
  • Use different levels of intensity to draw your audience in
  • Effectively use body motions and movement
  • Use humor throughout your engagement
  • Take your speaking skills to a whole new level

You supplied me with such great tips and tools to conquer my fear of public speaking.  I’m truly a changed man!  Those past fears had created such a barrier towards business advancements and I can now walk into any meeting with a new sense of self-assurance.”
- Martin M

“It’s no wonder so many companies hire you for speeches.  There is so much you taught me in such a short time.  My favorite advice was helping sound truly genuine and honest.”
- Sarah A.