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Communication Skills - Interviews

Learn interview skills with training and tips from professional speaker and Olympian Nikki Stone

How To Answer Interview Questions

The very nature of interviews can often create an impersonal environment.  But in order to increase your likeability and effectively convince your audience to “buy in” on whatever you are “selling”, you need to portray a feeling of comfort, ease and confidence.  They need to feel like they are privy to a personal conversation.  They should feel like they are hearing from a friend.  With the proper training, you can build trust with your audience and subsequently provide them valuable information on whatever your subject may be.

Interview Preparation

The best interviewees will look as if they are just speaking off the cuff.  When in reality there is a great deal of training that goes into the ease of an interview.  Nothing builds confidence like preparation.  Don’t be thrown off guard when a microphone is thrust in your face.  Learn the tools to ready yourself for any interviewing situation.

A taste of the skills you will develop:

  • Ways to practice without sounding rehearsed
  • Discover habits to convey knowledge in any subject
  • Practice answering difficult questions
  • How to get the media to want you for an interview


Interview Skills & Coaching

Knowing how to properly respond to interview questions is more than half the battle.  Don’t be the person who is fumbling around with their answers.  You don’t want to come off as unknowledgeable, aloof, or untrustworthy.  Learn the skills and tools to respond to interviews in an effective manner and get your audience nodding along with your convictions.

A taste of the skills you will develop:

  • Feel more comfortable in front of a camera
  • How to use your body to exhibit specific emotions, power and likeability
  • Learn to express the information you want regardless of the question
  • How to be concise, but effective, with your answers

Our entire company got so much out of your training.  I can already see vast improvements in everyone’s corporate presentations, meetings with clients, and overall business interactions.  On a personal side, I received some incredibly flattering comments from my recent televised interviews and I know it was due to your effective training.  A huge thank you from all of us.”
- John C., American Express

The sessions with you will more than pay for themselves with the results I’ll be able to present.  I will undoubtedly come back to learn even more!”
- Sterling T.

“Searching for jobs before and after your interview and presentation training revealed a profound improvement.  Knowing how to convincingly express my capabilities and demonstrate the business communication and presentation skills I will bring to companies helped me land my dream job.”
- Taylor P.