Motivational Speaking Topics

Motivational Speaking Topics

Nikki Stone

THE CHAMPION’S PATH TO LEADERSHIP AND DRIVE: The Strategies and Tools for Everyone to Be a Champion and Increase Productivity and the Bottom Line

As the old saying goes “champions aren’t born, they are made”.  Olympic Gold Medalists have reached a level of success that very few people in the world have achieved. The path to strong leadership starts by setting a culture of performance and excellence, particularly in high pressure moments.  Olympians constantly look to understand their strengths and how they can improve their weaknesses. 

Learn how to be at your best from someone who studied and lived this for decades. Nikki will help attendees:

  • Learn how your business and employees can adapt to modern updates without slowing momentum

  • Discover the alignment of 7 critical success factors of sport analogous to the alignment of business departments & divisions

  • Acquire tools champions use to pick up and reenergize after challenges

  • Understanding how and why a strong goal can help increase profits

  • Finding passion and drive to increase customer and employee retention

  • Help everyone take ownership in the company’s or group’s success

  • Develop tools for dealing with stress and high pressure moments

  • Discover how to handle healthy competition to land on top

  • Gaining the ability to chart clear paths and create new opportunities

The participants will recognize and be able to apply the skills it takes to be a champion in the workplace. Nikki will help guests increase output, become more productive and learn their true potential through a motivating and captivating story.

Nikki Stone
Nikki Stone

The Strategies and Secrets to Resilience, Revival and Renewal

The people who have risen to the top and stayed at the top have world-class resilience.  People with a vision and desire can overcome everyday challenges, just like when Champions overcome changing situations. We all possess the ability to be resilient and overcome life's challenges when we have the proper tools.

Nikki did four things that anybody can learn to do:

  1. Develop a clear vision and focus on our goals

  2. Promote persistence in a path to reaching these goals

  3. Maintain the Never-Give-Up spirit and attitude of a winner.

  4. Create a plan that included a team of supporters.

Just 18 months before the Olympic Games, more than 10 doctors told Nikki she should quit and never ski again. If she did, she risked permanent spinal damage and much worse. With her four-step plan she overcame her challenges and won America’s first gold medal in aerial skiing.

In this highly acclaimed program, Nikki gives everyone the insider, behind the scenes story and her clear strategies for success. Your personal leadership plan includes a clear vision and focus, path to persistency, a winning attitude and a strong team. She has learned that we need to determine where we are going and why it matters.  Nikki expresses the importance of setting the attitudes, mindsets, policies, practices and expectations for the culture of discipline. 

Experience the remarkable story of overcoming life threatening injuries to achieving the lifelong dream of winning the coveted Olympic gold medal. You will remember and relate to the extraordinary journey of a young athlete hitting rock bottom and learning the essential revival skills and mindset to catapult her beyond what anyone thought imaginable. Gain inspiration from the uplifting ascent of true heartache to explosive passion and pride.

Olympic champions have mastered world-class resilience.  You can learn these skills from a champion that was virtually counted out by everyone. These strategies and hands-on activities will assist you and your people to use your collective knowledge to change your way of looking at the world. Realizing this strong, rational optimism and the can-do Olympic Spirit that is inside each of us, you will find that your potential is limitless.

Nikki Stone
Nikki Stone

How To Create a Results-Driven Team With Purpose, Focus and Balanced Leadership

The U.S. Team has always been a force to be reckoned with at the Olympic Games.  They have become a robust powerhouse because they have learned a clear understanding of developing strong communication, conflict resolution, trusty leaders, mutual compassion, cooperative goals and compelling buy-in.  These are the same skills that make a powerful AND proud business entity.

It is essential to figure out the ties and communication that will give everyone their greatest support and produce the strongest collective results. Just like employees in a business or organization, Nikki understands that an individual sport athlete sets personal goals but it takes everyone to help us succeed and the awards are won for the team. Let Nikki help your team:

  • Discover a unique way  of leading and following so it becomes a collaborative effort with strong communication between departments

  • Gain the ability to identify with those whom you are responsible

  • Helping others to better understand your vision

  • Finding ways to bring out the best in those your work with

  • Understanding and melding diverse backgrounds and talents to produce a more creative solution

  • Build a great level of trust and understanding with coworkers

  • Create a path forward where everyone has buy-in

  • Learn to respect people’s differences and use them to your advantage

  • Identify other’s strengths and weaknesses to contribute to the group’s overall success

  • Learn how to give and receive constructive criticism

Nikki’s program highlights the need for personal goals and milestones in order to drive the success of an organization. Every individual on the team needs to feel and recognize their own strengths to help contribute to the team.  But there needs to be an understanding of how these individual components fit together to develop a powerful organization in which they want to take ownership. 

Nikki will help you develop the skills to build a stronger group or company through trust, support and understanding in order to produce a team that is both productive and gratified.