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Download File Prepare Like an Olympian for the Challenges of the Business World

See why specifically invited Nikki to write an article to inspire their audience members to work towards their lofty business goals.  Nikki relates every successful sports tool she developed to achievements one can cultivate within the business world.

Download File How Your Team Can Perform Like the U.S. Olympic Team

With the huge success of Nikki’s first business-sports analogy article, asked if she’d share another motivational article.  In this piece, Nikki demonstrates how businessmen and women can use the success of the U.S. Olympic team as a model for developing their own strong teamwork within the office.

Download File Diary of Charitable Trip to Tanzania

Nikki documents her journey traveling to Tanzania with Johann Koss’s non-profit Right To Play. She chronicles the experience of using sports as psychosocial development for some of the world’s most disadvantaged children.

Download File My Favorite Christmas Memory

Charlie Jones invites Nikki to share her most memorable Christmas story for his book Christmas Memories of Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus.  Nikki relates the very personal story of discovering her mother was diagnosed with cancer and how the experience completely changed her outlook on life.

Download File Let the Games Begin

Have you ever wondered what it’s like walking into the spectacle of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies as a proud representative of your country?  Nikki colorfully describes the scenes and emotions of an insider’s view of this historic event.

Download File Under Pressure

Learn why Nikki always thinks of Queen’s song “Under Pressure” when recalling her experiences in two Olympic Games.  Nikki reveals the unbelievable pressure Olympic athletes feel qualifying for and competing in this nerve-wracking event that only occurs once every four years.

Download File The Journey of Mentoring Olympians

Nikki shares the experience as a Co-chair of the illustrious USOC SUMMIT Program!  Nikki was invited alongside 7 other Olympic medalists (Bonnie Blair, Dan Jansen, Phil Mahre, etc.) to mentor and guide up-and-coming potential Olympic medalists.  See why this was her favorite Olympic experience since she competed at the Games.

Download File Excerpts from When Turtles Fly

Get a taste of Nikki’s bestselling book When Turtles Fly.  Nikki imparts some insight into the inspiration she and her contributors share.  Become empowered by the stories of X-Games & Olympic champion Shaun White, Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn and NBC Today host Lester Holt, and through Nikki’s hands-on tools for success.